Adrian’s Sanctuary

This site is designed to help the intermediate and advanced learners of the English Language develop their creative and academic writing capabilities. The poem section is aimed at sharing the different perspectives about life’s challenges and pursuits.

As for the writing skill, before an acceptable paragraph can be effectively produced, knowing the conventions of writing alone may be of little help unless the learner has some basic information and prior knowledge about the topic. Reading is nonetheless a prerequisite for well-developed and effective pieces of writings to be produced.

Well-written essays, whether creative, expository or argumentative, require a lot of careful thoughts and planning. All these efforts  are essential to enhance the quality of essays which are often evident from the inclusion of idiomatic phrases, quotes, proverbs and clear illustrations using examples and personal experiences as well as the effort to use low frequency words.

In addition, the publication of the above MUET Paper 4 with another co-examiner of the paper is hoped to provide some extra insights into addressing the Report Writing and Argumentation Essay Writing dilemma. Invest in one and you’ll discover how easy writing can actually be.


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