There’s more to life

A year has passed since the scare of my life took place two days short of my birthday. Reliving the moment and remembering the words of friends, against my simple mind – I’ll just rest at home. The discomfort took me to the general physician – ECG. then to the specialist – another ECG and a stress test. It was proven – a heart condition that needed immediate attention. The journey at almost midnight to the city centre brought much fear but I knew everything would be alright. True enough, I was given the necessary treatment and soon after, I was back to my routine,  teaching, until now.

Living is now my motto against my traditional mind, work…work…work, just to earn enough and plan for a future, unknown. Putting aside all the blames to my circumstances, I am now grateful. Everything has turned around now.

Travelling with my family, as much as I can, while time is on my side, is my priority. A friend’s words still ring loud in my ears – “Money that is not spent is not yours!” A very true notion that was never part of me. I’ve changed for the better. Vacation is a must now, after years of delay, I now sincerely regret.

Thank God for friends who tease but behind each teasing lies some truths only friends who appreciate life and travelling could tirelessly encourage. I’ll always remember that “It may take a turn of event to stir the still waters and make them lessons of life.”

Life is great after all. Waste it not!